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Bulk industrial explosives of Ayanga is produced with the equipment operated by the U.S. manufactured, fully automatic controlling system in accordance with the national Mongolian standard of МNS4223-94. It is an environmental impact-free, water-resistant industrial explosive. The bulk and packaged products are used at open pit & underground mines, as a main charger in the dried and water-free blasting holes and as detonator with booster

  • Ayanga is packaged in a double-layer bag of 25kg which protects from penetration of diesel oil and moisture. The inner layer is made of poly ethylene while the outer is poly propylene
  • Blasting holes are shortly charged by truck with a single tank of 10 to 19 ton volume
  • It has a lower impact on human safety and is cost effective & suitable to blasting operation, as well as commony used in many countries
  • Safer. Bulk material becomes explosive when it comes to a borehole


MERA ShockStar Surface

Mera shockstar TS