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MERA LLC is the highest productivity company in drilling industry and uses the high power blasthole drilling equipments like DM45, FlexiRoc D65 of Epiroc /Atlas Copco/ firm and HCR 1500-ED II, PCR-DTH of Japanese Furukawa Rock Drill firm. These machines are capable to drill holes with the diameters of 127-229mm to the depth of 53m according to the customer’s request and depending on the mine characteristics. Our drilling rig is equipped with water system, camera system, monitoring system, borehole depth and rock hardness reporting system. This is a very significant progress that helps to calculate the most effective drilling solution. We are working with objectives to improve the outcome of our performances by renewing our technology and by using the most advanced technologies across the world.

Technical specification of drilling rig

  • Atlas Copco DM45HP – Bit diameter 171-229 mm, Made in USA
  • Atlas Copco DM45LP – Bit diameter 171-229 mm, Made in Sweden
  • Atlas Copco FlexiROC D65 – Bit diameter 115-229 mm, Made in Sweden
  • Atlas Copco PV-275D – Bit diameter 193-270 mm, Made in USA
  • Furukawa HRC 1500 – ED II – Bit diameter 127 mm, Made in Japan
  • Furukawa PCR-DTH – Bit diameter 127 mm, Made in Japan


imported products

mera ShockStar Dual Delay