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The MERA LLC’s operation is inclusive of 5 divisions, 4 departments, 3 branches, 6 explosive material plants and 5 warehouses for storage of explosives and blasting materials. We are successfully conducting drilling and blasting operations based on our explosive plants in Tsogttsetsii and Gurvantes soums, South Gobi aimag.

We interview only the short-listed candidates in 10 days following that we have gone through all the applications and credentials we have received.

One can apply for, if an applicable job is announced after 6 months following when he/she was unsuccessful a previous time.

MERA is the abbreviation of Mining Engineering Revolution Achievement in English language. Since it was founded, the MERA Group has grown to become a leading national manufacturer of industrial explosives, blasting materials and specialist provider of ground support services in blasting system which includes blast hole drilling, explosion, and trading, importing, storage, transportation of explosive materials, and preparation works.

We use the roster system of 14days on / 14days off the site

We ensure open, fair and transparent recruitment practices, based on professional experience and skill of the candidates. All applicants are provided with equal opportunities.