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Safe operation

As a company operating in the mining and explosive manufacturing industry, ensuring that we operate safely is our top priority. We believe that all individuals at Mera should feel comfortable to stop the work if it’s not safe to continue and they can continue their work once it becomes safe.

Besides we are working to create a health and safe operation workplace that ensures our employees go home safely, we use a set of safety personal protective equipment and materials in compliance with the international standards.

As for all staff, any idea or conception that would be making a valuable addition to the improvement of safe operation are open and supportive with encouragement. We always seek a better system through which we can develop the safety culture, attitude and behavior of employees.

At MERA, every meeting starts with a ‘safety share’ as this is a good chance for employees to briefly describe any safety-related issue and to listen to constructive advice from colleagues who have faced and resolved similar issues. It helps us to demonstrate the importance of the safety management to our job.

System and Processes

We seek to adopt best safety management system practices to deliver world class safety performances for risk management, safety culture, behaviors and improvement of our attitudes.

In scope of this work, we are working to introduce the following safety practices like “Critical risk management”, “Safe operation team execution system” and “Safety leadership”. We consider the safety as an integral part of the organization, so that operating safely is our top priority and we work with a great endeavor to improve the knowledge, skills of our employees.

MERA has adopted the international standards of quality management system ISO 9001, environmental management system 14001, occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001 and adheres to the 67 rules of Mongolian regulations.

Skilled personnel that have still worked for the company are the value of MERA and we provide them with a great opportunity to raise their careers as they are successful performer of the safety policy and requirements, developer and leaders with their performances.