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Opened in 2018 / Based in Tsogttsetsii soum, South Gobi aimag

Based on the T12 plant, we established the plant-T13 for packaged emulsion explosive with the technology and equipment of the PBS-IDC firm in USA, to supply the regional needs of a 6000 tonn explosive per year and it specialized as well in producing cap sensitive packaged emulsion explosive the first time in Mongolia. Depending on the sensitiveness formulation like booster and cap sensitive products that are to be used in wet and dry blast holes and the rock characteristics at a certain location, we supply different kinds of products in a variety of packages such as in bulk or packaged. The packaged emulsion explosives can be used in an extreme climate condition at the temperatures from -40оC to +40оC. The packaged emulsion explosive are in films with the different diameters of 25mm, 32mm, 65mm, 90mm and 120 mm per the customer request.