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Introducing our latest product – the Bunch

Designed for use in both open-pit and underground mine blasting circuits, this innovative device bundles various blasting components together, incorporating shock absorbers to ensure safe and reliable excitation with millisecond delays.

The Blast Packer boasts the capability to burst up to 20 nonel tubes simultaneously, providing enhanced efficiency in blasting operations. In underground mine shafts, segmentation is employed based on the blasting sequence. This optimization is tailored to factors such as the type of excavation, rock composition, and structural considerations. The blasting process is further fine-tuned by strategically selecting delay times, ranging from 0 ms to 200 ms – including intervals such as 0 ms, 9 ms, 17 ms, 25 ms, 33 ms, 42 ms, 67 ms, 100 ms, and 200 ms. This approach not only ensures economical performance but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the blasting work.

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