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In recognition of his outstanding contributions to Mongolia’s mining sector and the company’s enhanced competitiveness, he has consistently and responsibly performed his duties. His dedication extends to mentoring and nurturing new employees through practical guidance, serving as a role model in every endeavor. On the eve of the Lunar New Year, the President of Mongolia honored the following employees with the “Altan Gadas”  medal for their exceptional dedication and service!

Recipients of the “Altan Gadas” medal:

  • S. Bolormaa – Chief Accountant
  • B. Khurelpurev – Accountant
  • B. Courage – Drilling Operator
  • J. Batbaatar – Charger Car Operator
  • S. Nyamdavaa – Bus Driver

May these esteemed individuals lead with distinction, earning the respect of all. From humble beginnings to esteemed positions, may their contributions stand in the annals of history. Wishing them enduring prosperity, good health, and the fulfillment of their noble aspirations. May their journey be blessed with confidence and auspicious success.

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