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An entrepreneurship theory and practice conference for “BLASTING TECHNOLOGY AND SAFETY – 2020” has been held in Tsogttsetsii soum, Southgobi aimag through the days of 28-29 October 2020.

The conference was organized by the “Association of Blasters” in collaboration with mining conglomerates like Energy Resources LLC and MERA LLC. It was a special event in terms of being held at a mine site with participation by relevant government & legal authorities such as Ministry of Mining & Heavy Industry, Mineral Resources & Petroleum Agency, General Agency for Specialty Inspection, Emergency Agency, Military Agency and Police Agency.

During the event, conference participants have been introduced to Ukhaa khudag coal mine’s development by Energy Resources LLC while to explosives plant & storage operation by MERA LLC respectively.

The conference started discussing about the blasting industry, focusing on current legislation, contemporary technology, safety management approaches and alternative solutions with explosive transportation & logistics. The discussion continued exchanging opinions on how do we define the future policy, what problems do we have. Eventually, we conclude that we need to work closely in the future.

The conference hosted about 200 participants, mostly engineer & technical workers from local mines and industry experts.

Dear Participants of “BLASTING TECHNOLOGY AND SAFETY – 2020” conference. We thank you all with best wishes for your business!

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