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“Chief Miner” rewarded on the “Miner’s Day 2023”

For many years, I supervised duties productively and became a role model in all actions. In recognition of their contribution to ensuring the sustainable development of Mongolia’s Mining Industry and increasing competitiveness, 9 of our employees received the title and badge of “Chief Miner” at “The Miner’s Day 2023” of the “Council of Mining Professional Associations. The recipients were:

1. Zoljargal B.-Manager of the Nalaikh branch
2. Buyanbadrakh T.- Factory foreman
3. Khosbayar B.- Factory foreman
4. Batbayar D.- Drilling and blasting master
5. Gansukh O.- Senior blaster
6. Ganbaatar S.- TM transport operator
7. Tserendorj Ts.- Driller
8. Davaasuren Ch.- Driller
9. Chuluunbat J.- Driller

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