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Epiroc Mongolia opens fully equipped warehouse, wash bay and workshop in Khanbogd soum, Southgobi aimag

We have 10 drilling rigs of Epiroc (“Atlas copco”) operating in the province. Each of these machines can drill 450-860 meter downhole in 12 hours (one shift) and we aim to reach it over 900 meters. The Epiroc’s operation in Khanbogd is of a great importance to our drilling performance in the region.

We congratulate you (Epiroc colleagues) on your achievement as it will enable all of us to save on cost that is to be incurred to maintenance and diagnostic tests in aggregate & auto-parts, as well as to facilitate logistics management.

We thank you for your investment on improving the productivity and competitiveness of both of your business and clients.

We wish you found a big success in your business!

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