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We utilize a stemming truck in order to increase productivity, charging output and safety of blasting work. This stemming is one of the main procedure of blasting work and its purpose is to efficienty disseminate explosive’s energy to soil.In order to fully mechanize the stemming process, we have made engineering calculations and produced stemming tanks with 4-5 cubic meters of volume and hydro-controlled stemming bodies since 2011. We installed from two to three tanks per each truck and produced reliable stemming trucks with capacity to stem boreholes on left and right sides at once and 16 tons of material in 15 minutes.

When the operator fully controls the stemming truck from the cabin we consider that it reduced employee’s exposure to adverse weather conditions and mining dust and improved safety of operation. The using stemming truck and stemming with precisely measured stemming materials, will increase blast hole spacing, improve timing and productivity, reduce per unit cost and explosive materials consumption.

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