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The 2023 report meeting of MERA LLC has been held

On December 27, 2023, the management staff of “MERA” LLC, “MERA Service,” and “MERA Engineering” companies adhered to tradition by deliberating on the goals and objectives outlined in the Business Plan for the current year. This encompassed assessing accomplishments and setbacks, examining performance-affecting factors, and drawing conclusions based on these evaluations. Additionally, the forthcoming year’s goals and objectives were introduced to the employees, fostering discussions around their input and suggestions. Furthermore, a session named ‘Hard Talk’ was steered by D. Turtogtoh, Director of Strategic Transformation Management at Ochir Undraa Holding LLC, serving as the moderator and panelist. This engaging discussion was complemented by a question-and-answer segment involving other executives from the MERA Group.

During 2023, we took the opportunity to recognize and incentivize our outstanding colleagues and employees who demonstrated exemplary achievements and exceptional work performance. Talented employees from the MERA Group showcased artistic performances, culminating in the selection of the year’s winners.

We would like to wish the managers who presented their work reports and the best-selected-employees’ great success in their future careers.

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