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THE DAY OF SPORTING EVENT at East Tsanhi Mine, Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi

The first event of sporting day at East Tsanhi Mine (Erdenes Tavantolgoi) was participated by representatives of Elgen LLC, MERA LLC, Special Mining Service LLC and BTEK LLC on the 22nd day of August, 2020. The goal of the event was to create a collaborative work environment among the all employees and to encourage them make friends between each other while helping them develop via sport games.

The basketball and volleyball games were played among 18 teams of men & women respectively. Successful participants from MERA were as follow – the volleyball women’s team led by Mrs.G.Khongorzul, an internal auditing specialist (gold medal), the volleyball men’s team led by Mr.B.Byambatsogt, a drilling manager (bronze medal), the basketball women’s team led by Mrs.E.Unurtsetseg, HR director (gold medal) and the basketball men’s team led by Mr.V.Khishigbuyan, a plant superintendent (silver medal) – awarded respectively.

Team of Elgen LLC has received the sport game cup which put them into a charge of organizing the event the next year.

We commend the colleagues of BTEK LLC for hosting the event “SPORT DAY – 2020” at East Tsanhi Mine (Erdenes Tavantolgoi) and wish you success in your future endeavor!

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