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The representatives of MERA GROUP participated in the World Mining Congress – 2023, which has a history of more than 60 years

The 26th World Mining Congress, a triennial event held in Brisbane, Australia from June 26-29, 2023, brought together over 3,500 global mining experts. This four-day congress aimed to foster the exchange of new technologies and enhanced experiences across 14 key themes, encompassing:

– Artificial Intelligence

– Automation Systems

– Rare Minerals

– Decarbonization

– Environmental Sustainability

– Future Workforce and Education

–  Geoscience and Discovery

– Health, Safety, and Security

– Mining Science and Engineering

– New Trends in Mining

– Development and Refinement

– Social Impact and Governance

– Technology and Operations

– Sustainable Construction Materials

Academic and research organizations showcased their findings, emphasizing the advancement of mining through artificial intelligence and automation. These advancements are pivotal in reducing operational costs while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and environmentally friendly technologies within the industry.

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