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Women in blasting industry

Mining is an industry which has always been male-dominated because of the conditions – working at mine happens for a 24 hour and requires to stay out of residential areas over a long term and use heavy equipment and machines, all which are likely to be more applicable to men.

For this male-dominated industry, the number of successful women and women’s participation & leadership are increasing year by year.

Certainly, over the last few years there has been a rise in the number of women qualifying in roles as researcher, executives and even in underground mining, and blasting & heavy truck operators all those we are proud of!

According to national statistics office, we have a total of 57 000 person working in mining industry, out of which 12 000 or 20 percent are women for 2019.

About ten percent of all employees and over 30 percent of management team are women.

A recent study confirms that women are more applicable to any work that requires to be more precise with much attention into details. That’s why a fewer number of women fails at performing safely and in compliance of quality for heavy industries.

The study also says that women are much better than men to manage her emotion from stress because more oxytocin is released as a hormone for women.

At MERA, we are always proud of our female employees as they create much value in improving the competitiveness of our business in mining industry of Mongolia.

Sending a very big THANK YOU!

Happy international women’s day!

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